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About Us

Welcome to My Skin Medics! We are a bespoke skin care and aesthetic wellness clinic located in the heart of Sale, Manchester; comprising a team of medical experts with a passion for providing confidence boosting, natural beauty enhancing treatments. We believe that wellness starts from within, and that feeling good on the inside is equally as important as looking good on the outside. We always ensure that every treatment we carry out is done so for the benefit of both the client’s physical and emotional wellbeing, and take extra care to make sure that each treatment we perform is right for you, and your individual needs.

Our team of aesthetic skin care experts are some of the best in their respective fields, and have spent years honing their craft and unique skill sets. With our in-house licensed doctor, Dr John Baxendale, NMC registered nurse Ethan Jackson, and our skin care specialist and semi-permanent makeup artist, Rachel Fox (very soon to be fully CQC qualified!), you’re in more than just safe hands with us; you’re in the hands of certified and dedicated medical experts.


Evidence based and medically certified, all of our services are fully informed by our years of medical experience, meaning that our aesthetic skin care treatments always keep our clients and their ultimate health and wellbeing in mind. Your health and happiness is always our priority, and we strive to provide perfect, natural looking results, for an affordable price each and every time.

 Anti-Ageing Treatments
Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments
Skin Tightening
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